IoT Call Center Solutions

NexGen IoT Call Center Solutions is one of the few companies who specialize in the complex world of Internet of Things (IoT). In today’s high-tech digital world wireless technologies have increased the trends of IoT, or internet of things. IoT devices devices are smart devices which have support for internet connectivity and are able to interact with the other devices over the internet and grant remote access to a user for managing the device as per their need.

The market for IoT devices is expanding rapidly day by day and becoming more popular as well with the drastic increase in the number of users who use them daily. With that expansion comes a learning curve and increased IoT Technical Customer Support for items such as:

  • home voice controllers such as Google Home & Amazon Alexa
  • smart doorbell cameras and home security devices (Ring, Blink, August)
  • smart locks
  • smart lights and switches
  • smoke alarms & air quality monitors
  • home temperature controls such as Nest Thermostat
  • smart home wifi systems such as Netgear Orbi
  • universal media remotes such Logitech Harmony
  • laptops
  • smartphones
  • smart gadgets (coffee brewers, microwaves, printers, bicycles, drones, scales, washer & dryers, headphones, etc)
  • smart watches
  • smart robots such as Kuri Mobile Robot, and even
  • smart and digitized vehicles

NexGen IoT Call Center Solutions can help you provide a positive end-to-end customer experience through the entire IoT deployment life cycle by monitoring, servicing, managing, which is followed by regular updates and decommissioning at the end.