Guest Blog Post: Gary Perlin from Ephiphany Video Marketing

You never know who you’re going to meet through LinkedIn.

I’ve been on a marketing quest for my business the last month or so using LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator—a great system if you haven’t yet tried it out. As I was reaching out to tech-savvy folks who might be able to use my video marketing services, I came across an interesting prospect by the name of Joseph Jacoboni, C.E.O. of NexGen Contact Solutions.

While Joseph didn’t need my services (just yet), what he told me about his business was quite impressive. Joseph is a super-nice and an easy-going fellow whose zeal for his new business immediately had me sitting up straight in my office chair; what Joseph had to tell me painted a picture in my mind of what is possible in the virtual office and call center space. 

While I have heard of virtual offices and call centers before, what Joseph and his team are doing is taking it several steps further to make the experience much broader and more immersive. And why not? After all, we are being thrust further and further into a digital world—whether we like it or not—we may as well get the best out of it. And that’s where NexGen Contact Solutions comes in. 

Instead of being your run-of-the-mill call center and virtual office, NexGen creates a visual space for employees, agents, and officers to collaborate and develop relationships much more easily. You see, when someone jumps online and logs into the virtual office, an avatar appears in that virtual office space so that anyone else who happens to be in office can see that person represented visually; they can also see where that person is in the virtual office. For instance, if Joseph happens to be on a conference call with several others of his team, they would all appear together in the conference room on the virtual board—thus making it much easier to not only know this group of folks isn’t available, but also who exactly is in the meeting with Joseph, and when the meeting will be over. Once the meeting is over, the team will resign to their perspective offices, or the virtual kitchen, or even a virtual lounge area where they will be visually represented.

Some of the added benefits:

• Connection and collaboration
• Develop more meaningful relationships
• Less isolation (especially in this post-pandemic world)
• Clients have a more tactile interaction—similar to a brick and mortar call center, allowing management a more hands-on approach.
• Less turnover with better CSAT, SLA, and KPI
• (AI) Artificial Intelligence-driven

Below is an image of a beta-phase virtual office, complete with offices, conference rooms, lounge area, and even a kitchen. “Who’s 3-week old fish and chips is this?”

Whether a client is comfortable using phone, email, chat, mobile apps or social media, NCS has seamlessly integrated those outreach methods into their software. The availability and simplicity NCS offers to any company who is in need of inbound/outbound tele sales is bar none the best service I have come across. What a novel idea. Joseph has really grasped with two hands this digital void that has been missing for call centers and virtual offices; I only wish I had thought of it first.

Here is a list (I know you love lists as much as I do) of what a new client might expect when signing up with NexGen:


  • Customer acquisition
  • Outbound and inbound tele sales
  • Webchat customer service and sales
  • Implementation Assistance
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Service including fulfillment and returns (RMA)
  • Upsell and cross sell


  • State-of-the-art multi/omni-channel contact solutions, primarily in the IoT, and technical support arena
  • Domestic/USA home base workforce to deliver industry leading quality interactions
  • 24/7/365 access to knowledgeable and culturally savvy agents
  • Home-based certified support personnel that can be quickly scaled to handle high volume client campaigns
  • Integration with client systems/processes that deliver quality customer touchpoint optimization
  • Advanced technology infrastructure to provide flexibility to adopt emerging technologies
  • Fully compliant operations, technology and applications
  • Unique virtual office technology.

That’s a very robust and comprehensive list of offered services, but this cloud-based software’s visual aid is at the heart of this new tech. We are in an increasingly lonely and separated world, and the ability to connect with people is becoming more and more difficult. What NCS has created allows the average work-from-home employee, manager, agent, and client to feel more connected—which, as anyone knows, is the number one way to avoid depression and anxiety.

While I was chatting with Joseph, I knew I had to do a blog write up about his unique new company, not because he asked me to (he didn’t), but because I believe in it. And when I believe in something, I get behind it.

If you have a need for any of NexGen Contact Solutions services, you can contact Joseph directly at:

P:  561-270-0227
C:  954-907-1902

You can find this blog post at: AMAZING NEW TECH! More Than Just a Virtual Call Center – Epiphany Video Marketing (